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The Bandipur Beckons Team:

Abhiroop Ghosh Dastidar

Wildlife is Abhiroop's first love and Bandipur is his muse. A former journalist, he is currently working in a global P.R firm. An aspiring wildlife photographer , Abhiroop  finds his true calling in nature. Abhiroop has received accolades and mentions from prestigious forums and magazines which include National Geographic and BBC. If photography is his soul, wildlife is his heart, as Bandipur happens to be the perfect confluence of dreams and destiny for him.

Rajesh Kumar

An automobile engineer by training and a freelance corporate trainer, Rajesh left his secured career for the ultimate passion of his life - wildlife! Based in Bangalore, he can never resist the call of the wild at Bandipur, that brings him closer to his roots. Rajesh Kumar is a trained naturalist and an enthusiast wildlife photographer, apart from his versatility in other fields of photography.

Shreejata Gupta

Shreejata is a doctoral scholar, studying communication behaviour of bonnet macaques, Macaca radiata, in and around the Bandipur National Park.  She is affiliated with the National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore. Shreejata enjoys photography, birding and hiking in her free time.

Sukanta Das

Sukanta is a naturalist and an wildlife-enthusiast, who lives in Bandipur. He is one of the few people in the region who practices, as well as, professes eco-friendly life-skills and works towards sustainable living. Bandipur never ceases to enthral Sukanta, which is why he is content with home-away-from-home in this distant land.

Treena Mukherjee

Treena is a journalist working with a renowned publication based in Bangalore. Apart from being associated with print-media, she has also worked in the electronic media. She is an avid wildlife enthusiast and this love towards nature has drawn her towards Bandipur.







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