Bandipur Beckons



Bandipur Beckons is an endeavour to bring you the ensemble of life around the Bandipur National Park, where the mighty tiger roams and the stealthy leopard sneaks; where the indomitable tusker blocks your road only to let you see a rare sloth-bear.

The Bandipur National Park, located in the southern-Indian state of Karnataka, is home to a range of endangered wildlife species, alongside several common ones.

Beyond the rich flora and fauna of the place, there is also a vibrant land where man and wildlife survive in harmony, sometimes in conflict, nevertheless.The 'Bandipurians' with their rich culture and traditional knowledge, most often, however, are overlooked.

We, thus, launch this space to create a platform where we aim to bring to you ideas beyond wildlife or conservation of it, reaching out to a holistic approach, so that we capture the true essence of Bandipur.

We promise you excitement, adventure, pitfalls as well as possible ways to get out of them!

The people, the hills, the animals: the life in Bandipur awaits you...


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July 2014 Issue


A rescued barbet-chick. Photo: Supratik Chakraborty


World Sparrow Day programme in Mangala School. Photo: Shreejata Gupta


The Touch. Photo: Abhiroop Ghosh Dastidar


The lanes among Bandipur-wilderness on a rainy afternoon.

Photo: Shreejata Gupta

Our goals:

1. To portray the day-to-day stories of the land where wildlife thrives alongside relatively dense villages, as well as under tremendous pressure from tourism – a landscape approach

2. To portray the stories of the lives of such people who survive in the land of the leopard and the elephant, with constant conflict, but still remains protective about their natural heritage – an anthropocentric approach

3. To portray the story of threats faced by the rich flora and fauna of the place, with particular emphasis on the species that are generally neglected, as well as those potential threats to wildlife that are usually taken for granted – a wildlife-centric approach

4. To take Bandipur as a case study, document the chief factors plaguing the stakeholders of this landscape, and provide a template for the rest of the similar areas 

5. To unravel the other face of Bandipur: Bandipur is not only about tigers and elephants and gaurs and wild dogs. These enigmatic animals put Bandipur on the world-map, no doubt, but the rich cultural heritage, diverse ethnic groups, local rituals and beliefs that centre around the forest and its animals needs to reach the world, in order to spread the awareness how traditional knowledge can be used as a tool to get back to our roots and encourage people’s participation in conserving our natural treasure.


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